Meet my crazy family

It’s a Sunday morning….my parents are not speaking to each other…..they are both nursing hangovers….and my brother and I find the whole silly drunken argument thing hilarious.

“I should write a blog about this family”, I suggest, “We could give the Osborne’s a run for their money!”.  


Meet the family…

Dad – self employed, hardworking, agricultural contractor.  He works with his two brothers, their sons and my brother.  I will no doubt introduce you to the wider family as we go along.  When Dad isn’t working he’s a fanatical fly-fisher and he shoots clay pigeons occasionally as well. Notorious for having a short-temper but loves to socialise and sees himself as the life and soul of every party.  

Mum – recently given up work to look after my gran.  Previously worked in a school as a classroom and clerical assistant.  Fantastic mum and did a great job of bringing us up but hates housework, cleaning and cooking.  She’s actually very intelligent and would whup anyone’s ass at a pub quiz but at the same time she has ‘blonde moments’, ‘very blonde moments’ and is often a great source of amusement as we sit round the dinner table.

Me – too old to still be living at home but decided on a career change mid way through twenties and am now in final year of university.  Luckily I had no commitments and supportive parents which has allowed me to do this.  Studying Biomedical Science which involves carrying out clinical investigations within a hospital laboratory.  I’m currently home for the summer and working locally – forgot how crazy family life could be until the past few weeks.  

My Brother – as mentioned works in the family business and although younger than me, he is also too old to still be living at home (he is closer to moving out though and is just waiting on the right property!).  He is laid back, so laid back he’s horizontal at times, loves football (especially Arsenal) and he is one of the funniest I know.  No matter how bad a day any one of us is having, he can make us laugh.  His wit was a key motivator in me writing this blog.  

Rory the Dog – four yr old Black Labrador and possibly the most sane of us all.  He is totally loved and spoiled rotten.  He gets to go shooting, fishing, hill-walking and beach walks.  He eats a boiled egg and toast for breakfast every morning and is partial to some Chicken Fried Rice once a week.  Everyone comments on what great condition he is in and I insist it’s his varied diet! No Pedigree Chum for him (other dog food brands are available).

Grannie – was heavily present in our upbringing but has deteriorated substantially in the past five years or so.  Diagnosed with vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s, her memory is slowly fading and her personality is ever changing.  If I can contribute one thing to science, it will be to assist in the race to find out what causes such a destructive disease…in the meantime we all rally round to try and keep her at home and as independent as possible for as long as possible. She comes away with some crackers and was always quite a fiery character anyway.  As awful is the disease is, she gives us some laughs – as they say…if you didn’t laugh you’d cry.  

Any other members of the family will be introduced as I relay the tales, tears and triumphs from this corner of South West Scotland.  Hope you enjoy reading….